2022 Fantasy Football Breakthroughs: Travis Etienne, Gabriel Davis Next Generation Headline

After researching all 32 teams over the past two months, it’s time to find some hidden gems. So here’s a look at my top fantasy discoveries for 2022:

QB Tua Tagovailoa, Miami Dolphins
When looking for a potential quarterback, I’m looking for a high-ceiling player who ranks as a backup option in this year’s drafts. Your Tagovailoa failed to make an impact during his first two seasons with Miami, but the Dolphins gave him an explosive high-end WR1 (Tyreek Hill) over the winter. As a result, he now leads an offense with three great receiving options (Jaylen Waddle and Mike Gesicki) plus a potential pass rusher (Chase Edmonds). When you add Cedrick Wilson at wideout, Tagovailoa has the tools to exceed his price point in a big way in 2022. He’s on a path to being a rogue QB1.

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