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No matter what your daily schedule entails, taking on the responsibility of a pet is a big commitment. Even relatively low maintenance animals require care and attention to ensure they stay happy and healthy. Unfortunately, this can come as bad news for anyone constantly on the go who still wants the companionship that pet ownership can provide. But while everyone should seriously weigh any decision to adopt a living creature, some animals can do well with a nomadic lifestyle, as long as there’s the right amount of planning and preparation. Read on to see which pet experts say are best if you travel all the time.

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Without the need for house training or a walking schedule, fish are one of the easiest animals to get as a first-time pet parent. And according to experts, they’re also perfect for anyone who might need to get out of town often — especially if they can get help from a friend, roommate or neighbor while they’re away.

“The best you can hope for is a fish tank that you feed with slow-release food balls while you’re away.” Amanda Takiguchisays DVM, a veterinarian and founder of Trending Breeds The best life.

Other experts agree with the idea of ​​an aquatic companion. “They don’t need a lot of space, don’t make a lot of noise, are easy to feed and are low maintenance for frequent travelers.” Deepanshu Bedisays the marketing director of pet care company Holistapet The best life. “Also, watching fish swim can be therapeutic and make you feel good when you’re spending time at home.”

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While they may not be for everyone, those looking for a pet that is relatively convenient for an owner’s busy travel schedule should consider heading to the reptile section of their pet store.

“Most adult snakes can be left alone for a week as long as they are fed at least two days prior to departure and have access to drinking water.” Pierre Cabfounder and owner of Reptile Craze, tells The best life. “Snakes will not get stressed or lonely even if you leave them for a long time as they are solitary reptiles. This makes them perfect pets for frequent travelers as they are very unlikely to encounter any problems, even when unsupervised,” adding that lights and heaters still need to be set on timers to ensure the enclosure is providing the healthiest environment for them.

Other experts point out that some breeds are even easier to adopt than others. “Many species of snakes such as corn snakes or milk snakes require fairly low maintenance once their enclosure is established,” Josh Sneadsays pet expert and CEO of Rainwalk Pet Insurance The best life. “Adults of these species usually require feeding every 14 days, and as long as you have a suitable heat source and thermostat set and someone to change their water, they are not a pet that will need to worry while you are”. I’m away.”

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The girl holds an unhappy evil cat in her hands.

Let’s be clear: some types of animals require a lot of human love and attention, no matter how independent they may seem. But if you’re the type of person who has the help of friends, family, or roommates, you may be able to consider a feline friend with some careful planning.

“In general, cats will be much easier to manage than dogs if you travel a lot.” Patrick Holmboesays the lead veterinarian for Cooper Pet Care The best life. “A cat doesn’t need to go out for walks and it’s very easy to clean a litter tray if you have someone staying with you or coming to your house to look after it while you’re away. Automatic feeders also work great good for cats, again allowing them to be alone for a long period of time.”

“Cats generally just need less human interaction as well, again allowing you to travel more and have someone come home from time to time,” he adds. However, Holmboe stresses that you should never take responsibility for a cat that you aren’t sure you can fully care for yourself.

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Pets can come in all shapes, sizes, breeds and species. And if you’re looking for a relatively low-maintenance companion, experts say tarantulas can work well with busy travel schedules for anyone who isn’t an arachnophobe.

“If you like creepy pets, tarantulas are perfect.” Daniel Caughillsays pet expert and co-founder of The Dog Tale The best life. “Since they don’t have the same nutritional or social requirements as a dog or cat, arachnids can make excellent exotic pets for those who travel a lot.”

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Any expert would agree that it is absolutely essential to recognize that wild travel schedules make responsible pet ownership of any kind impossible for some people. But if you still want the love of animals, it can help to interact with someone else’s pet as an occasional pet sitter when you have the time.

“It might be best to find a neighbor with a pet dog, explain the situation, and see if you can walk the dog when you’re in the area. Or offer to pet sit for friends if their time away coincides with your time at home,” suggests Takiguchi. “Rescue centers — such as those for retired hounds — often allow people to walk their dogs. Or maybe you could find a local stable and ride the horse when you’re home.”

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