Art Show at the Colony Theater Saturday with Pop Culture Art by George Kalcoff

George Kalcoff, Burbank resident, teacher and artist.

George Kalcoff is a Burbank teacher, father, and local artist who brings his work, along with his brother Arger, to the Colony Theater this Saturday. Come for a night of pop culture represented through visual art, music and film. Kalcoff’s Colony Theater Art Show will be held on September 17 at 6:00 pm and will conclude with a film screening of Night of the Living Dead at 23:30.

Doors open at 6 p.m., and $10 tickets can be reserved online ahead of time or purchased at the event. Guests can enjoy drinks at the bar and music from a DJ who will spin vinyl records of classic rock, funk, old school hip-hop, punk and more. The show centers around pop culture and the TV Guide. “The old TV Guides were a mini art book that was delivered to your house every week,” Kalcoff said, recalling how much joy music, film and TV brought him as a child. “My love of classic cartooning stems from that one source. Kids have no idea what it was like flipping through a TV guide circling what Kung Fu Theater or Elvira Lady of Darkness the shows were coming up that weekend.”

The show will feature over 80 artworks by the Kalcoff brothers, ranging from mixed media, graphite, pen and ink, and watercolor. This will be the first show the brothers have done together. “As a child he was my inspiration to improve and always sought his approval for what I did. It continues today,” said George Kalcoff, who explained how much of an influence his brother had on his life.

Artwork by George Kalcoff

As a Greek speaker, Kalcoff learned to speak English as a child right here in the halls of the Burbank school district. His aunt worked in a paper mill, and Kalcoff would take leftover calendar pages to sketch. Kalcoff joked that as a child he would lie on his stomach to draw with his father, whose diver was a masterpiece in his eyes. He continued to lie on his stomach to draw throughout college and says it’s still the most comfortable way he works on his art.

Kalcoff graduated from Burroughs High School and went on to earn a degree in Fine Arts. He found his home at the California Institute of the Arts, where he made lifelong connections and studied under the famous American illustrator, Glen Orbik. Kalcoff and Orbik became best friends until Orbik’s death in 2015. “If there was anyone I’d want to be on this show, it would be him. “However, his wife will be there and that makes me happy,” Kalcoff said. “I know he would be proud of the work and that we are all in this together.”

Artwork by George Kalcoff

Since 1998, Kalcoff has taught in the Burbank School District and is now a fifth grade teacher at Bret Harte Elementary School. Harte was Kalcoff’s elementary school and also attended by his two daughters. Now he has come full circle as an educator there. “I use art in every subject,” adds Kalcoff, who noted that incorporating art into the curriculum can help with memory retention, especially for visual learners. “The creative mind and the academic mind all come together and showcase one’s abilities.” Kalcoff’s journey through art and teaching has not been easy, but she says she loves what she does and reaching out to children in the community.

You can get tickets to Kalcoff’s Colony Art Theater Show HERE. For more information on The Colony Theater and other upcoming shows click HERE. The Colony Theater is located at 555 North Third Street in Burbank.

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