Art Walk gives Oscoda aesthetic appeal | tidings

OSCODA – Check out downtown Oscoda for local art displayed on billboards. The first of what is planned to be an annual art walk is now out. Twenty-three works of art decorate the city. The Art Walk is the first run of its kind in Oscoda. It is a juried art show where professional local … Read more

The White House dismisses concerns about Biden’s health

The White House dismissed concerns about President Biden’s health hours after announcing that he had tested positive for COVID-19, saying he was able to handle his job even while self-isolating for several days. “He said he’s feeling fine,” COVID-19 coordinator Ashish Jha told reporters, echoing what other White House officials, including the first lady, said … Read more

EV insurance claims are low, but the cost of repair is high, CCC

A surge in battery electric vehicle sales and ongoing supply chain issues could slow insurance claims processes and collision repairs, according to a recent report from CCC Intelligent Solutions. Electric vehicle sales accounted for 4.6% of new light vehicle registrations during the first quarter of 2022, and, subsequently, only account for 0.86% of vehicle claims … Read more

Scientists create a strange new phase of matter that appears to occupy two dimensions of time

Scientists create strange new phase of matter that occupies two dimensions of time: It could be a breakthrough for powerful computers that perform complex tasks A strange new phase of matter has been observed that appears to occupy two dimensions of time Findings represent a ‘different way of thinking about phases of matter’ It could … Read more

The Cardinals had no choice but to extend quarterback Kyler Murray

The Cardinals gave quarterback Kyler Murray a five-year, $230.5 million extension on Thursday, ending months of contrived drama that always seemed a little ridiculous when it got to the heart of the matter: What would the Cardinals do without him? Yet again, the club put themselves at one of the most glaring negotiating disadvantages in … Read more

Improving the continuum of care with new technology

Three modern advances help clinicians continue to be a resource outside the exam room Modern technology allows doctors to monitor patients like never before. Virtual care platforms, wearables at home and monitoring devices facilitate real-time patient data and more frequent communication between veterinarians and clients. These innovations allow physicians to extend their reach beyond the … Read more

Pender’s board denies business complaint, says bona fide farms can’t resell produce

(Photo courtesy of Pender County) The Pender County Board of Adjustment on Wednesday unanimously dismissed an appeal by Surf City Farm, which was seeking to overturn a county decision that curbed its bona fide farm status. As a result, the business cannot, on its Hampstead site, resell produce grown elsewhere. The county’s intervention arose because … Read more

Weekend Arts Events in San Diego: Folk Art, Cabaret, City Ballet, Zine Swap & More

“This Is Our Story”: American Vernacular Art from the Kaplan Collection Visual artSelf-taught artists from all over the country are in the spotlight at this new exhibition in Mingei. None of the featured artists practiced in a traditional academic setting. Curator Emily Hanna—a recent hire at the museum as the new director of exhibitions and … Read more