Choosing the right technology when you are idle is not an option

From seed to supermarket, Walter P. Rawl and Sons Inc. (WP Rawl) knows a thing or two about shipping products.

The multi-generational family farm has grown tremendously in its 97 years of operation, building a vertically integrated production and distribution network to ensure product freshness throughout.

WP Rawl grows, processes and delivers vegetables from its farm in South Carolina to customers throughout the eastern United States with a dedicated refrigerated fleet of 75 company-owned trucks.

What has kept WP Rawl at the forefront for so many years has been a commitment to continuous improvement. While known for its “family farm” values, the company also thinks hard when it comes to optimizing its supply chain.

Promising freshly picked vegetables delivered in hours instead of days, WP Rawl realized that the integrity of overnight deliveries would suffer if it sat idle in the face of ever-increasing demand. That’s why when the company found itself wasting time and money on error-prone manual processes, it moved quickly to find a solution.

WP Rawl began researching technology companies, looking for a provider that could meet his specific needs. Initially, its fleet was wasting precious time and money manually logging daily routes. But management was also looking to move more cargo, increase profits and reduce communication and tracking errors.

In addition to maintaining compliance with ELDs and hours-of-service mandates, fleet optimization was another top priority. Only management would consider a solution that provided minute-by-minute visibility to help manage truck and driver performance.

That’s when WP Rawl discovered PowerFleet.

Listening to WP Rawl’s needs, it didn’t take long for PowerFleet to figure out the best course of action. The leading transportation technology provider equipped the company with ELDs, which immediately improved the monitoring capabilities of its logistics team and also improved office and fleet productivity.

“This solution has more than helped reduce costs and increase productivity and safety,” said Tony Hoffman, driver advocate and manager of WP Rawl. “The data and reports we receive provide our team with more insight than we ever knew possible.”

Reporting has been streamlined across the board, according to Hoffman, who noted that executives have been able to communicate more effectively since using PowerFleet’s streamlined data entry capabilities. As a result, it has greatly reduced drivers’ dependence on mobile phones.

“Hours of service reporting has given us the ability to strategically assign more loads, increase drive times and get real-time delivery information,” Hoffman said, adding that these benefits have also reached customer since his team is now. able to provide minute-by-minute reports on driver location and cargo status.

As a large-scale grower and shipper, what also impressed WP Rawl were the agricultural exemption features offered. PowerFleet’s ELD Ag Exempt feature provides drivers with improved reporting metrics and status updates, as well as the ability to provide tracking management for all ag exempt cargo according to guidelines required by the Federal Transport Security Administration.

Overall, WP Rawl received valuable benefits when it chose PowerFleet as its technology partner. Not only was the integration easy, but PowerFleet’s impact was immediate, providing improved efficiency, supply chain visibility and communication effectiveness.

From simpler reporting and reduced data entry to real-time tracking and increased productivity, the sky’s the limit for WP Rawl — and customers have taken notice.

To learn more about how PowerFleet optimized the performance of WP Rawl, click to read the entire case study.

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