CityFibre to upgrade all networks to XGS-PON 10 Gbps technology

In what is intended to deliver massive expansion potential for its carrier-neutral bulk infrastructure platform, up to 10 times the capability of its current architecture, CityFibre has announced that it will begin deploying XGS passive optical network (PON) access technology ) as standard from April 2023, enabling residential and business services with symmetrical speeds of up to 10 Gbps.

CityFibre is building an open access network that will connect up to eight million facilities in 285 cities, towns and villages, reaching a third of the UK. The deployment of XGS-PON will allow CityFibre to support more customers at each optical line termination (OLT) port, enabling, the provider said, “significant” network cost savings, reducing energy usage across its networks and improving its efficiency. network expansion in the future.

To facilitate the network upgrade, CityFibre has selected suppliers Calix and Nokia as its XGS-PON technology partners to ensure supply chain diversity, a vital part of any critical national infrastructure deployment.

CityFibre’s existing G-PON network was designed to enable rapid future upgrade to XGS-PON. Calix has been CityFibre’s G-PON technology partner since 2018, playing a fundamental role in the development of CityFibre’s network. Meanwhile, Nokia has provided critical support for CityFibre’s service aggregation platform since 2016, and its 10-year XGS-PON broadband equipment agreement includes access nodes for its nationwide network of built-in fiber exchanges for purposes, fiber modems to customer homes and IP aggregation switches.

Deliveries will begin in the fourth quarter of 2022. The Lightspan access nodes provided by Nokia as part of this solution will be used by CityFibre to provide its wholesale customers with multi-gigabyte residential broadband services and higher bandwidth, such as connecting enterprises and providing support for mobile networks.

A smooth upgrade path from G-PON to XGS-PON has been demonstrated through the completion of a pilot city-wide G-PON to XGS-PON technology upgrade in York, representing the largest of its kind in the UK to date. York’s upgrade was undertaken in partnership with Calix, Lambda Networks and Splice Group.

The purpose of the pilot project was to assess and address all the technical, process and customer experience challenges of upgrading a live network. The first customers have now connected to the new platform with near-perfect optical test results. The successful outcome enables CityFibre to work with its Internet Service Provider (ISP) partners to upgrade the customer’s end-to-end (ONT) optical network terminations in phases to minimize any service experience impact associated with the upgrade. the network.

“CityFibre is committed to building a full fiber network that is better by design, providing our partners and their customers with the fastest, most reliable services at the best value,” noted the CEO of of CityFibre’s technology and information, John Franklin.

“By partnering with Calix and Nokia, we now have two trusted and market-leading technology vendors supporting a nationwide XGS-PON 10 Gbps technology deployment program,” he added. “Our parallel deployment of a high-capacity national backbone to carry virtually unlimited traffic alongside this XGS-PON deployment program will provide a highly efficient and adaptable network for the future. This, in turn, will enable our ISP partners to offer a differentiated range of services with full confidence that speed and quality of service can be maintained as consumer and business demand for bandwidth continues to grow. grows.”

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