Curtis Givens’ All White Affair 2022: Thousands attend annual bash

Thousands of people gathered at Mud Island River Park in Memphis on Saturday night for one of the city’s annual festivities.

The outfits varied from blouses to dresses, but all the guests had one thing in common – they wore white outfits. This is a mandatory rule of admission to the All White Affair hosted by Curtis Givens of CGI Entertainment – a staple of the Memphis party scene for more than two decades.

The party was billed as “the most anticipated party of the summer” with an estimated 2,500 to 3,500 people expected to attend on Saturday. People took photos in their all-white outfits at the “Memphis” sign at Mud Island River Park. Others enjoyed drinks and food while listening to music in the seating and VIP areas.

From right, Demetrious Cook, Kristina Mays, Sakia Higgenbottom and Dishanae Wright attend the All White Affair on Saturday, July 16, 2022, at Mud Island River Park in Memphis.

The All White Affair kicked off at 4pm and the park began to fill up with revelers arriving fashionably late close to 6pm with the sea of ​​white attire visible across Mud Island.

There were plenty of cooling tents for people wanting a temporary respite from the weather, with the heat index regularly over 100 during the late afternoon at outdoor events. Cooler tents were conveniently located near the various food trucks and tent bars.

“People deserve credit,” Givens said of his success. “They make me who I am. With their support, it makes me stronger and stronger. I give all the credit to the people, not to myself.”

Curtis Givens at the All White Affair on Saturday, July 16, 2022, at Mud Island River Park in Memphis.  Givens held his inaugural All White Affair in 2002 and has become a major figure in Memphis' events, parties and nightlife scene.

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Givens, the founder of CGI Entertainment, has become a key figure in the city’s events, parties and nightlife scene. He has helped organize University of Memphis basketball’s Memphis Madness and has created multiple perennial parties such as Can I Live Weekend and the annual All Black Affair after Thanksgiving. Givens has also thrown lavish parties celebrating his birthday every February.

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