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The study expects investments by major cloud providers to continue at a healthy pace during the forecast period from 2022 to 2031 (with 2021 as the base year).

Investments in data centers are increasing, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. This study provides an overview of the global data center industry, analyzing the technological and investment trends shaping industry growth.

Key factors driving growth include the growing popularity of hybrid data centers and hybrid data centers, emphasis on sustainability, the role of emerging technologies, and the data boom created by the proliferation of Internet-enabled devices. The study analysis is segmented by type (colocation, hyperscale cloud and enterprise) and region (Asia-Pacific, Americas and Europe, Middle East and Africa).

The growing need for high-end capacity from public cloud providers and higher media content is expected to drive demand for co-location. The pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of enterprises, creating higher demand for storage and computing capabilities.

As data center providers invest heavily in building new capacity to meet demand, the deployment of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning encourages providers to invest in new data center designs for improved efficiency. Industry competition to address global demand from neutral service providers and telecommunications has also intensified.

The advent of Internet-enabled devices and industrial sensors expands data creation and, subsequently, data transfer and storage requirements, resulting in global investment in data centers to process and store information. There is also a wave of investment from special purpose buyout companies and from marquee investors in the industry.

Private equity and sovereign wealth investors are essential to enable data center providers to build new high-scale facilities and acquire existing data centers. Private equity firms are inclined to invest in large-scale facilities (a capacity of at least 50 megawatts) and construction in relatively new markets.

The study predicts North America and Asia-Pacific as the most active centers for data center growth. In 2021, North America was the largest market for data center investments. With data center construction and data creation activities, Asia-Pacific is expected to overtake North America by the end of 2026 and register more than 40% of the total market share. India, in particular, has strong potential to contribute to the growth of the data center industry.

Main topics covered:

1. Strategic imperatives

  • Why is it increasingly difficult to grow?

  • The Strategic Imperative

  • The impact of 3 key strategic imperatives on the data center industry

  • Growth opportunities fuel the growth pipeline engine

2. Technology trends

  • Trend summary

  • Hybrid Location – Adoption of hybrid fueled cloud

  • Durability – The center of it all

  • Durability – The center of it all

  • Energy Storage – The Li-ion Era

  • Hyperscale Growth – Juggernaut pushes

  • Robotics – The Next Phase of Data Center Automation

  • Robotics – The Next Phase of Data Center Automation

  • Market Consolidation – M&A and JVs are at an all-time high

  • Edge Computing – The Rise of Distributed Intelligence

  • Artificial Intelligence – Optimizing Data Center Performance

3. Growth Opportunity Analysis

  • Scope of Analysis


  • Growth drivers

  • Growth restrictions

  • Forecast assumptions

  • Investment Forecast

  • Investment Forecasting Analysis

  • Investment Forecast by Segment

  • Investment Forecast by Region

  • Investment forecast analysis by segment and region

4. Growth Opportunity Analysis – Colocation

  • Investment Forecast

  • Investment forecast by data center size

  • Investment Forecast by Region

  • Investment Forecasting Analysis

5. Growth Opportunity Analysis – Hyperscale Cloud

  • Investment Forecast

  • Investment Forecast by Region

  • Investment Forecasting Analysis

6. Growth Opportunity Analysis – Enterprise

  • Investment Forecast

  • Investment forecast by type

  • Investment Forecasting Analysis

7. The Universe of Growth Opportunity

  • Growth opportunity 1: Expansion of demand for co-location

  • Growth opportunity 2: Geographic expansion for revenue acceleration

  • Growth opportunity 3: Edge and modular data centers for latency needs

  • Growth Opportunity 4: Capitalize on cloud growth for revenue diversification

8. Next steps

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