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Welcome back to another battle of Disney+. In this article, we will compare and contrast two popular Pixar movies, Cars and Coco. Both have their fans, but we will evaluate each of them and choose a winner. So let’s get down to business.


The main character of “Cars” is Lightning McQueen, a hot runner who is trying to make it to the final race for the Piston Cup. Along the way, he gets lost, arrested, and forced to help a small town in the middle of nowhere fix the road he helped destroy. McQueen learns valuable lessons and develops friendships and finds a home. The main character of “Coco” is Miguel, a young boy who loves music even though he comes from a family that does not allow music. He ends up in the land of the dead and must find his way back and help his ancestors remember. Both are great characters, but I like McQueen’s story better. Point to “Cars”.

Car 1 | Coco 0


“Cars” has some potential villains, but most of them aren’t evil. Doc Hudson is really just trying to take care of the people in his small town and doesn’t want McQueen to “corrupt” them. He ends up developing a mentor relationship with McQueen. Chick Hicks is McQueen’s rival on the track, and it’s not a good car, but he’s not a villain either. He only appears at the beginning and end of the film as an obstacle. There is also McQueen’s arrogant attitude, but this changes throughout the film. There is no real antagonist. In contrast, “Coco” has a villain, Ernesto de la Cruz. He is a famous Mexican musician who Miguel thinks may be his great-grandfather who his great-grandmother thought had abandoned the family. In the end, we learn that de la Cruz is worse than imagined because he actually killed Miguel’s great-grandfather and stole all of his songs for himself. Point to “Coco”.

Car 1 | Coco 1


“Cars” features some amazing supporting characters. Mater steals the show so much that he becomes the focal point of a sequel and a series of shorts on the Disney Channel. Plus, Fillmore and Sarge provide a nice dichotomy of neighbors, Luigi and Guido are brilliant in their love of all things Italian. Plus, Doc Hudson, Sally, Flo, Red and all the others make you want to be a part of their community. Add in guest appearances from voices associated with motor racing circles around the world and this film nails the supporting cast. Miguel’s family, living and dead in “Coco” is also fun, but they don’t stand up to supporting characters as well as the residents of Radiator Springs do. Point to “Cars”.

Car 2 | Coco 1


This category doesn’t really do this matchup justice. “Cars” has a solid cover of “Life’s a Highway” and a good score that drives the plot. But “Coco” is music. The whole story is about music. It features some amazing original songs that help tell the story. The music in “Coco” is simply better. Point to “Coco”.

Car 2 | Coco 2


It’s time for the more subjective of these categories. For me, the memorable moments in Cars are: tying up the Piston Cup, losing Lightning McQueen, his trial, his friendship with Mater, losing the dirt race with Doc Hudson, the tractor tip, and giving up the Cup Piston to help. King. The memorable moments, for me, of “Coco” are: Miguel not being able to play music, “Remember Me”, going to the land of the dead, coming back and coming right back, learning the truth about his ancestors and helping to his great great. grandfather be remembered. Both are great, but I think “Car” is more memorable. Point to “Cars”.

Car 3 | Coco 2

“Machines” win this battle. It is very close in selected categories. But I’ll throw it at you. Which movie do you prefer?

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