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Don Dada of three-dimensional art, Bonito ‘Nito’ Thompson, is looking to take dancehall across the coasts with an international tour. “The Jamaican brand is known around the world for sports, music and food. Now, it’s time for art,” Thompson told The Sunday Gleaner.

He added that there is no better time than the present to look overseas. “It feels like a great time. The world has reopened, our music is going viral overseas and artists like Shenseea, Skillibeng and Skeng are breaking into the US market. My art is directly related to music.”

The digital artist, who burst onto the scene last year with his augmented reality exhibition – Paper Planes – is now ready to take on a new adventure and scale even greater heights.

“I’m working on improving from the very beginning to work out some kinks and make this even better. When it comes to making art, sometimes I can’t control when it decides to come. I’ve had a block artistically heavy for a few months, but it’s part of the artistic process. I just live in the moment when things connect in the right way.”

After the collapse of the non-fungible token (NFT) in January, Thompson shifted his focus to making the tournament a reality, building step by step.

This artistic performance will take flight and travel to six destinations throughout the diaspora: New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago, and return to home soil at the AC Hotel. “Each show is going to be different because there are more variables to consider, so we’re going to have to adjust for the audience,” Thompson said.

The country will play a crucial role in the organization. For the Trinidad and Tobago edition, the show is designed as a festival, highlighting a Caribbean collective of NFT artists. While New York will be staged as a backyard with fashion paintings and augmented reality (AR) canvases; themed cocktails will also be in the mix to add to the immersive experience.

“I plan to integrate AR fashion into the mix because it just makes sense. Jamaicans are very fashionable, our style is unique, so exploratory that with art and technology it will be amazing”, declared the creator.

The Jamaican showcase, slated to be the grand finale, will be massive, “This is home, so we have to go all out.”

Each staging will feature two new non-tradable token collections this year: Mango Kush and Passionfruit. Mango Kush is an exploration of weed culture, while Passionfruit is more about an abstract observation and interpretation of the human form through a Caribbean lens.

“The goal of this tour is to amplify the stories of our island and the Caribbean on an international level through art and show the world what I have to offer as an artist,” added Thompson.

To say that Don Dada 3D is excited about this adventure is an understatement and he is grateful to his dedicated team, Alexia James, Jahneen Leslie and Simone Russell of Cultrcreativ for their help in bringing this global piece of resistance to life. .

“I think this will be massive for the culture. I can’t wait to see what kind of impact this will have on the diaspora. I want people to be excited and inspired when they see my work. I want them to think about Jamaica, and I want younger artists to see that you can make great things out of art,” revealed Thompson.

The ultimate goal is to re-imagine and inspire how others view dancehall and the arts, with the hope that they will walk away with a greater appreciation of both.

The Diaspora Tour officially kicks off August 3-4 in Brooklyn, New York at Rise Radio. It will then make stops in Puerto Rico in September, Trinidad in early October, LA in late October, Miami for Art Basel in early December, and then AC Hotel for December 15-17.

And in true Don Dada fashion, he will showcase and narrate his work against the rich sounds of dancehall music. The moving mix for the art tour is courtesy of Shantonio Chromatic, “The whole mix is ​​full of ah vibes! It’s reggae, it’s dancehall, it’s a summer party vibe, gyal song winning, gun man like energy. The full range.”

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