GA Wintzer & Son selects revolutionary new technology from e2 companies to increase reliability with on-site power supply

e2 Companies and Palm Energy LLC subsidiaries will provide resiliency and uninterrupted energy cost savings to GA Wintzer & Son with a fully integrated virtual service®

DAYTON, Ohio and FORT MEYERS, Fla., August 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GA Wintzer & Son, a leading provider of animal feed ingredients and recycling for agriculture, today announced its selection of e2′ companies R3Di® system that will increase the elasticity of electricity supply in the country. The partnership continues an important legacy of growth and innovation for GA Wintzer & Son, a family-owned and operated company since 1848, enabling reduced environmental impacts and lower carbon emissions through the use of new on-site equipment. R3Di® the system.

Palm Energy LLC, a subsidiary of e2 Companies, will install three megawatts of power with R3Di® system at GA Wintzer & Son’s main processing plant in You are tired, OH. The revolutionary new R3Di® the system provides a safe and sustainable energy source that sets a new standard in the industry and is adaptable to a wide range of renewable energies. This technology, combined with Palm Energy’s Network Operations Center (NOC) for 24×7 asset monitoring and deployment, creates the industry’s first virtual service.®, an independent energy source that optimizes the existing grid and reduces utility dependency. Estimated completion date for full installation at GA Wintzer & Son is March 2023.

The resilience and quality of our electricity supply is paramount to our business,” he said Andy Walters, vice president, GA Wintzer & Son. “Our device requires a stable frequency and voltage, which has been sensitive to ups and downs from our local service. R3Di® system is the ideal solution for us because it will stabilize our electricity supply, bring more efficiency and cost savings.”

Frank LettieriPalm Energy LLC senior vice president of e2 Companies, said: “Optimizing our current energy grid depends on partnerships with customers like GA Wintzer & Son. This is a multi-generational family business that represents the core values ​​of innovation and industrial strength in our country. GA Wintzer & Son deserves a power supply that reflects those same values.”

About GA Wintzer & Son Co.
Family owned and operated since 1848, GA Wintzer & Son Co. has not forgotten what it truly means to provide our customers with the best service available in our industry. We specialize in the purchase and disposal of used cooking oil, meat waste and animal by-products from small restaurants, large restaurant chains, butchers, food processing facilities and large commercial food manufacturers. We prevent these materials from reaching our already overcrowded landfills and recycle them into usable products that can be used to feed livestock or even electric vehicles.

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About e2 Companies and Palm Energy, LLC
e2 Companies was founded in 2009 to innovate products faster and has gradually expanded its range of solutions, services and geographic footprint.

Today, companies e2 OFFERS The first vertically integrated Virtual Utility® for the production, distribution and economy of energy in the market. e2’s innovative technology, combined with Palm Energy LLC’s industry expertise, delivers high-level performance and unprecedented value to customers. e2 Companies is an ISO 26000 ESG-focused organization dedicated to providing energy resilience, reliability and efficiency, helping companies stay ahead in the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

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