How can your life sciences enterprise benefit from disruptive technology?

The Definitive Guide to Blockchain in the Life Sciences is now available for purchase.

ENGLEWOOD, Colo., September 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — BurstIQ announced the publication of a new book, Blockchain in life sciencesedited by the Chief Scientific Officer, Wendy CharlesPh.D.

An estimated 70% of life sciences organizations are implementing blockchain projects and realizing the transformative power of this Web3 technology. This new book provides the latest advances in the implementation and adoption of blockchain technology, with a focus on real-world applications within life sciences organizations. This insightful guide provides guidance on blockchain adoption strategies, regulatory compliance, intellectual property protection, governance, data monetization, cybersecurity, and ethics for applications in the pharmaceutical, genomics, devices, federated learning, and AI/IoMT industries. .

Dr. Charles, along with a collection of industry thought leaders, provides readers with a balanced and insightful look at the current uses of blockchain in drug discovery, drug and device tracking, real-world data collection, and increased engagement. of the patient who are opening opportunities. to advance life sciences research. The perspectives of pharmaceutical professionals, biotech start-ups, regulatory agencies, ethical review boards and blockchain developers are explored to provide comprehensive perspectives of blockchain technology in the life sciences industry.

Blockchain in life sciences is now available for purchase and download Amazon or directly from the publisher, Springer Nature Group. Don’t be left behind! Get your copy of the definitive guide to blockchain implementation and adoption for the life sciences.

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Dr. Wendy Charles has been involved in life sciences research from almost every perspective for over 30 years, with a strong background in operations and regulatory compliance. She currently serves as Chief Scientific Officer for BurstIQ, a next-generation blockchain-based data management platform for the health and life sciences sector. She is also a faculty member in the Health Administration program at University of Colorado, Denver. Dr. Charles adds to her blockchain healthcare experience by serving on the EU Observatory and Forum Expert Panel, the HIMSS Blockchain Task Force, the Government Blockchain Association’s healthcare group, and IEEE Blockchain working groups. She is also involved as an assistant editor and reviewer for academic journals. Dr. Charles received her Ph.D. in Clinical Sciences with a specialty in Health Information Technology from University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus. She is certified as an IRB Professional, Clinical Research and Blockchain Professional.

About BurstIQ

BurstIQ fuels trust-first digital strategies with human data. LifeGraph® removes the complexity of managing sensitive human data, freeing organizations to build trust through hyper-personalized digital health, work and life experiences. In an age of data abundance, LifeGraph’s privacy-enhancing technology promotes trust between organizations and individuals who provide data through blockchain-powered governance and consent. LifeGraph provides a single source of truth and an intelligent ecosystem, helping businesses gain a deep understanding of the people they serve. Armed with detailed insights, they can deliver more valuable digital experiences and make an increasingly digital world more human.

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