Interactive and immersive art exhibition ‘Sara’s Sensorium’ comes to the Cultural Arts Center on September 14

Sara O’Connor, a 3D sculpture painting artist, will present a one-day multi-sensory art exhibit titled “Sara’s Sensorium” at the Glen Allen Cultural Arts Center on September 14th from 6pm to 21:00.

“It’s like making a dream come true,” O’Connor said. “I want to evoke and compel people to do what was previously forbidden and enjoy my art as I do. I want you to feel like a child again, full of curiosity and wonder and the desire to involve your whole body and mind in the artistic experience. It’s time to play with art and try something brand new.”

The free event is open to all ages and will offer an immersive experience that will allow guests to touch, taste, hear, smell and see the paintings. The installation features a variety of her styles, including floralism, heavily textured pointillism, small bites and stripes. Each highlights O’Connor’s interest in exploring and expressing her love of color, texture, curiosity and growth.

“My mantra is the point, a single point of clarity, through which I channel my imagination,” she said. “I return again and again to this point of focus until I have achieved a calm but attractive consciousness. My dots almost represent a certain possibility from which my flowers bloom.”

With this installation, O’Connor hopes to elevate texture, color and form by inviting guests to release their inner child and enjoy art by allowing attendees to create artwork, listen to originally designed songs and taste and smells with which she has combined. artwork on display.

“I am deeply grateful to Lauren [Hall] and the Cultural Arts Center shared my vision for a new kind of artistic experience and helped me bring it to life,” she said. “I hope to present even more multisensory exhibitions in the future. This experimental prototype on display is just the beginning of something new and thriving.”

Hall, CACGA’s manager of visual arts, is excited about the exhibit.

“This exhibit is an exciting way to immerse yourself in a work of art beyond just ‘looking’ at it,” she said. “Experiencing each piece with all five senses makes you stop and react differently to the work. A traditional exhibition invites you to look. You then respond emotionally to what you see. This time your vision is only part of the equation, so you get multiple perceptions, and possibly reactions, to the same part, based on each unique sense.”

O’Connor is a traveling artist who has exhibited her work in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Maryland, Georgia, Florida and Tennessee. Some of her collection is permanently on display and available for purchase at Pop of Confetti, a craft market in Carytown. Learn more about her at

The Cultural Arts Center is located at 2880 Mountain Road, Glen Allen. For details, visit

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