Jennifer Freitas builds photography business, Emerald Moon Photography

CLINTON – Jennifer Freitas enjoys taking portraits — of children, couples, families and pets.

Freitas began her journey in photography by photo-documenting the life of her first puppy, Goliath, and then his adopted brother, Goose. When her first-born “two-legged son” Lucien arrived, she took a “bajillion photos” of him as a baby, she said. But all these pictures were “from a not very good cell phone” and were not of good quality.

When Freitas was pregnant four years ago with her second son, Daemon, she was given a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera. Freitas realized she “could never go back to cell phone images.”

After her father died and she realized the lack of quality photographs of him, documenting the love for family – no matter how many legs they have – became her mission.

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