Katie Holmes Reveals The Story Of Surprise Guest Star In Her Latest Movie ‘Alone Together’

Katie Holmes didn’t have to look far to find the right singer to create the cover of “Blue Moon” that plays over the opening credits of her new movie. Only together. The actress wrote, directed and stars in the COVID-era romantic comedy — now playing in theaters and arriving on VOD July 29 — which features the singing debut of her 16-year-old daughter, Suri Cruise.

“I always want the highest level of talent,” Holmes tells Yahoo Entertainment of how the mother-daughter collaboration came about. “So I asked her! She’s very, very talented. She said she would and recorded it, and I let her do her thing. That’s how I generally direct: ‘This is her which I think we all want — go do your thing.” (Watch our video interview above.)

And Holmes teases that her daughter’s singing career won’t be a one-off affair. “She actually sang Rare objectswhich is the movie we did last fall,” the director says of her recently completed third feature, a period drama based on the 2016 bestseller by Kathleen Tessaro. But don’t expect a Suri Cruise arena tour anytime soon.” Besides, she’s a 16-year-old kid in high school,” Holmes says with a laugh.

There is a special bond that Holmes and Cruise share with “Blue Moon” as well. The director quotes Diane Keaton’s 1987 comedy Baby Boom as one of the influences on Only together, and is an outspoken fan of all things Keaton in general. Not by chance, Annie Hall star covered “Blue Moon” in Rob Reiner’s 2014 film, And So It Goes. “Diane met my daughter when she was a year old,” Holmes reveals, which makes Cruise’s rendition of the classic 1934 ballad in Only together a sweet full circle moment.

Katie Holmes and daughter Suri Cruise arrive at the opening night premiere In the Heights during the Tribeca Festival on June 9, 2021 in New York City. (Photo: Angela Weiss/AFP via Getty Images)

Speaking of full circle moments, Only together will be released widely 25 years after Holmes made her feature film debut in Ang Lee’s Ice Storm. The future Dawson’s Creek The superstar was just 19 when she landed the small but memorable role of Tobey Maguire’s high school sweetheart in that critically acclaimed 1997 drama. Reflecting on that film a quarter of a century later, Holmes says she can see how that formative experience with Lee shaped her creative evolution as a filmmaker.

“That shoot was very exciting for me – it was my first job,” she recalls. “When I was there, I didn’t really understand what was going on, but watching the film so many times afterwards, Ang’s ability to capture worlds is so incredible. I think he’s such a poet in the way he shoots a scene. , and the dialogue he uses and how he tells the story in a very simple way. It’s all about finding the simplest way to get your story across.”

Holmes attends the premiere of

Holmes attends the New York Film Festival premiere Ice Storm in 1997. Ang Lee’s acclaimed film was her feature film debut. (Photo: Ron Galella via Getty Images)

Only together pairs Holmes with Jim Sturgess as a New York couple who make the decision to leave the Big Apple at the height of the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic in early 2020. They both end up booking the same Airbnb in the of the state and, after some initial uncertainty and confusion, end up taking shelter together. Needless to say, their relationship eventually takes a romantic turn.

Discussing Holmes’ directorial style, Sturgess praises her ability to let the performers in front of the camera figure out a scene as they go along. “It gives you this incredible space between the action and the cut,” says the 44-year-old actor. “She very rarely yelled, ‘Wait!’ In fact! You’d think the scene was over and she just let it hang. I love that she was always looking for those little bits of authenticity.”

Jim Sturgess and Holmes in Alone Together.  (Photo: Courtesy Vertical Entertainment)

Jim Sturgess and Holmes enter Only together. (Photo: Courtesy Vertical Entertainment)

Like Holmes, Sturgess is celebrating his cinematic anniversary this year. Fifteen years ago, the British actor made his big Hollywood debut alongside Evan Rachel Wood as the star of the 2007 Julie Taymor musical. Throughout the Universe, inspired by the Beatles’ immortal back catalogue. Although the film received a mixed critical and commercial reception upon its release, it has become a cult favorite among fans of unconventional movie musicals, thanks to memorable scenes such as a lively song-and-dance sequence in a bowling alley, tagged in “I Just Saw a Face.”

“I remember being pretty hurt after that sequence,” Sturgess says now. “We really tried to learn how to slide down these bowling alleys and everybody was really falling over because they were greased. When you watch the film [now], you realize they were only interested in the falling parts, and we were trying to stay up! I have great memories of making that film and I’m bonded by that experience with the rest of the cast. We continue to keep in touch”.

So, would Holmes and Sturgess reunite for a musical movie of their own? “Absolutely,” says Holmes with genuine satisfaction. “I would be honored.” And, of course, that film would have to include her daughter performing “Blue Moon” on camera. “Me and Suri in a movie,” enthuses Sturgess. “There you go.”

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Only together is in theaters now and debuts on most VOD services on July 29.

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