Kelli Drake referees her first game as an IHSAA official

CENTERVILLE, Ind. — Kelli Drake put on her black and white striped shirt in the dressing room, looked at herself in the mirror and was “terrified.”

“I said, ‘What are you doing? How are you going to do that?’” she recalls.

Drake walked out onto the main floor of the Centerville High School gym on Wednesday, June 22, and there was her uncle, Jeff Gwin. A referee since 1987, Gwin had a smile from ear to ear as he watched Drake in the same match. And who can blame him? He was about to officiate a basketball game with his niece.

“I was excited, way more excited than she was,” Gwin said.

Not only was it the first game the family members would referee together, but it was also Drake’s refereeing debut. Seeing her uncle’s expression calmed her nerves and she “couldn’t help but smile.”

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