MrBeast promises to break the bank with over $4 million in investment in a massive YouTube video

Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast, is one of the most popular content creators in the community. Jimmy is known for his expensive videos and charity events. Moreover, fans want to see the YouTube Star donating a huge amount of money to his subscribers and even strangers.


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MrBeast became the talk of the town after passing 95 million subscribers on YouTube. Since Jimmy is known for his expensive videos, his fans are waiting for a special amazing video of 100 million subscribers. Interestingly, Jimmy spoke his mind about the 100 million subscriber special video and got on board with his fans.


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MrBeast appeals to his fans after announcing his 100 million subscriber special video as his most expensive work

Over the years, Jimmy has built a huge fan base on YouTube. Moreover, Jimmy has already amazed the community with some astonishing achievements and is on his way to 100 million subscribers.

Indeed, surpassing 100 million subscribers is not an easy task for an individual creator. Additionally, PewDiePie is the only individual creator to have crossed the 100 million subscriber mark. At that time, Jimmy would upload several videos, such as 10 million special subscribers or 40 million special video subscribers.

Hence, fans expected the same from the YouTube Star and Jimmy did not disappoint with his latest tweet. Interestingly, MrBeast recently announced that the video with 100 million subscribers will be the most expensive project for his team.

In his words, “We’ve been working on our 100 million special subscribers all year and it’s my most expensive and craziest video ever!He further adds that he can’t wait to show his most expensive work to his fans after reaching 100 million subscribers.

Indeed, MrBeast’s words were enough to hype all his fans. Not to mention, it looks like the YouTube Star might cross 100 million subscribers sooner than we expected. Previously, the most expensive project that MrBeast and his team worked on was the remake of the popular Netflix series Squid Game.

Moreover, the video took the internet by storm just a few hours after its release and currently has over 271 million views. In an H3 podcast, H3 confirmed that Jimmy spent over $3.5 million on the Squid Game project. Since Jimmy has already announced the next 100 million unique subscribers for his most expensive work, we can expect over $4 million budget from the YouTube Star.

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Jimmy Mocks Viral YouTuber, Ryan Trahan

Ryan Trahan has become famous for his latest video challenge and raising food funds with Feeding America. Not to mention, his recent video of giving 1 penny to MrBeast while traveling across America took the internet by storm. Naturally, he became close friends with the creator, and Jimmy himself has applauded the project and his work countless times.


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However, Ryan does not follow the YouTube Star on Instagram. Interestingly, a well-known Minecraft creator, TommyInnit, called him out for his mischievous antics. To everyone’s surprise, MrBeast supported Tommy and announced that he will continue this harassment until he is prosecuted.

His tweet read, “I stand by this bullying until I’m followed.” Although Ryan has yet to respond to Jimmy, it seems that Ryan had no intention of frustrating anyone with his actions.


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