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PERU – Family dining during the day. A night party.

That’s what customers can expect at Stan’s Bar and Grille, which opened last month at 1458 N. Liberator St. near Grissom Air Force Base.

Walk inside the restaurant during normal business hours and you’ll see a traditional diner scene with a wide range of made-from-scratch menu items such as brisket, burgers, wraps, steak, pasta, fish and salads.

But come in after the restaurant closes and prepare to be entertained. Depending on the night, you might see live music, drag shows, comedy, DJs or other unique acts. There are also special events for cyclists who want to ride for dinner and a drink.

Justin Eikenberry, who co-owns the establishment with his husband Josh Yoder and couple Jeromy and Misty Peters, said the goal when they opened the bar and grill was to provide a place where literally anyone felt comfortable coming.

“Our theme here is never a stranger, always a friend,” he said. “It’s just a good place to come and eat good food.”

Eikenberry said the sentiment came from his father, who died last year. In fact, the restaurant bears his name. Stan’s photo hangs on the wall near the bar, along with a small sign with his name on it.

“He was in love with family and friends, so that’s what this place is about,” he said.

The restaurant has been open for four weeks now, and business has been good, Eikenberry said. The place is usually busy for dinner, drawing customers from all over the area because of its proximity to US 31. The lunch crowd may have a few diners stopping by Grissom.

And the nightlife scene has also been popular. They have already had two drag shows and live music acts for the over 21 crowd.

If you’d asked any of the owners six months ago if they thought they’d be running a bar and grill, though, they’d all have laughed at you.

The building once housed a longtime bar called the Red Rocket, which had pool tables, pull-up tables and basic food. But when the establishment closed, Eikenberry and Yoder joked with Peters that everyone should buy it.

“I said, ‘I wonder if we should open a bar,’ and they both said, ‘Actually, yeah, let’s go for it,'” Eikenberry said. “It was literally three months later and we were ready to go.”

The renovation included revamping the interior to convert it from a bar atmosphere to a family dining space. The building was originally built as a hangout for Grissom workers when it was still an active military base.

This included a dance floor and 1970s-looking mirrors with flashing lights, which are now incorporated into the restaurant’s decor. The grill is also attached to the Milestones Event Center and offers food there.

Eikenberry said it was during the renovation that he knew he had his late father’s blessing on the project. He was out redoing flower beds when he dug up the lid of a tobacco box in Copenhagen. Eikenberry said his father chewed on that brand his entire life until a year before he died.

I said, “Thank you, Dad,” he said. “Now, the cap is screwed to one of the forward logs.”

For all the owners of Stan’s, the bar and grill is something of a passion project. They all work other full-time jobs, but Misty Peters said her hope is to make the restaurant successful enough to become her only gig.

But until that happens, the four co-owners said they’re happy to be running a unique establishment where everyone feels welcome, the food tastes good and customers feel comfortable in their own skin no matter who they are.

“This place is for all groups of people,” Eikenberry said. “From bike night to drag shows, we love it all here. It’s a safe place for everyone.”

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