See the world as Van Gogh did in Fresno art installation | fun

Beyond Van Gogh has extended its run in Fresno through August 21.

“I would like to walk with you there to find out if we look at things the same way,” the artist Vincent Van Gogh wrote to his brother in the fall of 1885.

Almost 140 years later, millions of people around the world – thousands of them from the Valley – can see the world as Van Gogh saw it.

Beyond Van Gogh, a touring art exhibit honoring the Dutch post-impressionist, has extended its run at the Fresno Convention and Entertainment Center through August 21.

Van Gogh 2

Patrons sit among the works of Vincent Van Gogh at the Fresno Convention Center on Thursday.

Van Gogh 3

Patrons snap photos while “inside” Van Gogh’s The Starry Night.

Van Gogh 4

Patrons admire Van Gogh’s work.

Van Gogh 5

Beyond Van Gogh is currently on display at the Fresno Convention and Entertainment Center.

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