The Power of Hispanic Consumers in the Travel Industry

Hispanics travel more, making an average of two more trips than non-Hispanics. When traveling, Hispanics spend more than non-Hispanics by an average of $300 and are more likely to travel in a larger group of people, which means they spend more dollars per trip. advertisement Hispanics are a lucrative market and their culture often influences … Read more

CFO details Positive impact of leveraged revenue cycle technology

Todd Mallon, Advocare’s CFO, says the organization has a nearly perfect net collection ratio. Improving net collection rates and overall revenue cycle management processes is top of mind for revenue cycle leaders, and adding new solutions and automation to improve those operations has been a must for many organizations. Todd Mallon, CFO of To callone … Read more

Leisure travel trends are changing rapidly

TravelBoom, a leading data-driven digital marketing agency, has just released its 2022 Budget Travel Trends Study report, after surveying more than 2,000 travelers this year amid exhaustive research on the topic. By comparing their responses to those of the combined 90,000 participants in previous studies, the company has come up with a comprehensive picture of … Read more

Fall Travel Trends highlight how and where Americans will spend

The Labor Day holiday weekend is just a few weeks away to kick off the US fall travel season. While it’s been a crazy summer for travel, with much of the world opening up after more than two years of COVID-related restrictions, Americans’ appetites for vacations have yet to be satiated. According to Tripadvisor’s 2022 … Read more