Tenjin AI Capital Advisors announces the launch of Tenjin AI

Tenjin AI Capital Advisors announces the full launch of their Tenjin AI investment platform for individual investors and RIAs as an app on Apple and Android. The platform makes it easy to invest in systematic and hedged Tenjin AI strategies. Clients can connect all their offshore investment accounts securely and receive Tenjin AI recommendations to improve their performance. Customers can also access Tenjin AI’s top-ranked stocks, ETFs and mutual funds from the app.

NEW YORK, July 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Tenjin AI Capital Advisors, an Investment Management firm based in New York announced today the full launch of their Tenjin AI investment platform for individual investors and RIAs. The Tenjin AI platform is accessible as an app from Apple and Android devices. It enables investors to invest in Tenjin AI’s proprietary investment models that actively manage positions based on market conditions using its systematic and hedged strategies. The Tenjin AI platform includes features that enable investors to securely connect all their investments from different brokers and custodians and regularly receive Tenjin AI recommendations aimed at improving their performance. RIAs can also partner with Tenjin AI to provide their clients with Tenjin AI strategies and the Tenjin AI platform tailored to their needs.

Tenjin AI Investment Management

“Smart and hedged strategies have long been the preserve of High Networth Individuals while average investors have been left to fend for themselves by dealing with investment services that may be ineffective during market downturns and may not be sufficiently competitive during the rise of the market.” said the CEO of Tenjin AI Shyam Sreenivasan. Mr. Sreenivasan is familiar with the challenges that markets present every few years, having dealt with issues while working for a major Wall Street bank for more than two decades. “Tenjin AI was born when I noticed the disparities in wealth management solutions. Traditionally, cheap, passive and ineffective solutions are generally offered to investors, while intelligent, systematic solutions are generally offered to very high net worth investors. There is great potential. for technology. specifically AI in the investment world, to level the playing field for all. Tenjin AI’s mission is to democratize access to systematic, defensible investment strategies so that everyone, not just the wealthy few, can to benefit from it.”, Mr. said Sreenivasan.

“Most investors have suffered greatly with the recent market downturn. It doesn’t have to be this way. Tenjin uses proprietary AI technology using various traditional and alternative data aimed at predicting the short-term and medium-term direction of certain indices, ETFs ves and individual stocks and designed to transition into a hedge portfolio or a growth portfolio based on anticipated signals.Our primary objective is to better manage risks in market conditions and accelerate portfolio growth in bull market conditions using a data-driven approach,” added Mr. Sreenivasan.

Interactive Brokers (Nasdaq: IBKR) serves as broker and custodian to Tenjin AI’s managed accounts. All kinds of IRA accounts, single, joint, custody and corporate accounts can be created with Tenjin AI. “With just a few clicks on our app, an investor can access advanced strategies managed by Tenjin AI! We have spent thousands of hours developing our algorithms that are intended to be effective in different market regimes. Our investment algorithms focus equally on how to make your investments grow as well as how to maintain the gains you’ve made before, so you don’t have to worry about varying market conditions.” said Mr. Sreenivasan.

Connection of external accounts + investment recommendations

The Tenjin AI app also enables investors to manage their investments in one place by allowing the ‘linking’ of their portfolios held at places such as Fidelity, Charles Schwab, E*Trade and many more and get side-by-side performance analytics. Tenjin AI is also designed to alert key portfolio movements and provide recommendations aimed at improving the performance of their investments held in external accounts.

“There’s a lot of information on Tenjin AI even for DIY investors!” said Mr. Sreenivasan. The Tenjin app shows their Top-10 rankings for stocks and ETFs and mutual funds, Buy/Sell recommendations and trading ideas using options strategies.

Tenjin AI as a digital platform for registered investment advisors

Tenjin AI is also available for RIAs to offer it as a digital investment platform for their clients. RIAs can customize Tenjin’s platform according to their needs, such as offering their own investment portfolios alongside Tenjin AI strategies, their rankings and their own market outlook summaries. With one click, RIAs can view all of their clients’ updated portfolios and instantly communicate with their clients through the app.

About Tenjin AI

Tenjin AI Capital Advisors, LLC and Tenjin AI Financial Technologies, LLC are wholly owned subsidiaries of Quantel AI, Inc – a New York Fintech based firm founded in 2019. Tenjin AI app is available on both Apple and Android devices. For inquiries, email [email protected] or visit the website at https://tenjin-ai.com


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