The 7 Most Used Sports Cars Under $15,000 in 2022 According to US News

Buying a used sports car is a great way to add some fun to your life without breaking the budget. While sports cars aren’t the most practical vehicles for anyone who needs to buy groceries for the week or drop the kids off at school, they are fun to drive. So let’s take a look at the seven most used sports cars and see if one suits your style.

The most used sports cars under $15,000 in 2022

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The team at US News dug through their data to determine the most used sports cars under $15,000 in 2022. We’re going to look at seven of our favorites. Some of these used sports cars are two-seater highways, while others offer seating for five and can do double duty as a family car in a pinch. But they are all sports cars by design and are sure to put a smile on any driving enthusiast’s face.

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