The Chevrolet Bolt EV will disappear from the lineup with the release of new technology

General Motors’ most affordable and accessible electric vehicle — the Chevrolet Bolt — will disappear from the lineup to make way for more electric vehicles on the automaker’s Ultium platform.

The Bolt and Bolt EUV, an SUV styling of the car, are on the automaker’s BEV2 platform, which stands for Battery Electric Vehicle.

But GM’s future EVs will all be on its proprietary Ultium battery propulsion platform, raising the question of how long the Bolt will be relevant to Chevrolet’s lineup.

“Will the Bolt be in our portfolio ‘x’ years from now? No, it won’t be,” Steve Majoros, Chevy’s vice president of marketing, told the Free Press on Monday. “It’s a great product right now. It’s going to be with us for some time. But as we grow volume here, the portfolio changes.”

Majoros wouldn’t confirm when the Bolt EVs will roll off the lineup, but he said, “It’s going to be with us for the foreseeable future and as we progress the portfolio, then we’ll look at the long game for this, so … more to come.”

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