The Crossroads of Art and Nature

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD)-There’s an exciting new program coming to the Grand Rapids Public Museum, titled The Crossroads of Art and Nature, on August 27. This is a fun series of interactive programs that focus on the Grand River Watershed and how it makes connections with art. These classes are family-focused and geared toward students from 3st until 8th degree. Each zone offers a different focus area to choose from. These are one-hour programs which are limited to 20 participants at a time. The start time for each class is staggered and parents can sign up for as many classes as they want. Parents are encouraged to join their child and must also register. Registration is just $2 per participant for each class, plus the cost of general admission to the museum. Advanced booking is recommended. To register and for more information visit their website here.

Bug Lab – 10:30 am
Students will work with Professor Nancy Hart of the Kendall College of Art and Design to explore a variety of insects that call the Grand River home. This course will travel to the river bank to identify different species, their body segments and the ways the insects have adapted to their environment. The program will continue in the Museum’s laboratory to create illustrations and diagrams of the species they collected.

Aquatic Life – 12:00 p.m
This program will continue the conversation about Grand River aquatic life and focus on fish that live, migrate or spawn in the Grand River, including Lake Sturgeon. Students will work with scientist Marty Holtgren from Encompass Socio-ecological Consulting investigating the different species by looking at patterns of different types of fish present in the river, comparing and contrasting size, color and shape. To further the artistic connections, participants will use carved fish petroglyphs to create prints of different species.

Bird Exploration – 1:30 p.m
This program, led by Science Educator Morgan Bailey, is an exploration of the various birds that make their homes along the Grand River and larger watershed. Participants will look at feathers, beaks, talons and other bird anatomy to make connections to adaptation. Additionally, the program will explore the body patterns that make each bird unique. Exploring Birds will also look at the important role that color plays in the bird kingdom and how we, as humans, have used those feathers for inspiration for our color palettes.

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