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The new Q2 2022 Traveler Insights Report from Expedia Group Media Solutions features the latest research and key data on the current state of travel, with actionable insights to guide the industry as it engages consumer interest in growing trends like the all-inclusive trip.

Expedia Group Media Solutions

Although economic uncertainty and slowing industry growth are palpable, consumers around the world still want to get away and are making plans for future travel, with a growing interest in more remote destinations as well as inclusive and sustainable offerings. .

Global traveler demand for long-haul flights increased by more than 50 percent year-on-year during the second quarter. This promising growth coupled with longer search windows and higher average hotel daily rates point to a solid second half of 2022.

“Data from our latest Insights Traveler report shows that despite the headwinds, enthusiasm for travel remains high and we are optimistic about travel intent for the last half of the year,” said Jennifer Andre, global vice president of development of business at Expedia Group. Media Solutions. “Travel destinations and brands can use the report’s data and insights to inform their marketing strategies and effectively reach and engage potential travelers.”

SkiftX uncovers promising trends seen in the second quarter of this year, focusing on Expedia Group’s key data, to help brands and operators with actionable insights to help the industry rebuild and meet traveler demand.

Travel searches: Holding steady, with shorter windows

Between Q4 2021 and Q1 2022, searches grew 25 percent on Expedia Group brand pages. This momentum held steady through the second quarter of 2022, demonstrating sustained travel enthusiasm.

While there continues to be pent-up demand for travel, economic headwinds and ongoing pandemic-related concerns have dampened long-term planning. As in previous quarters, travelers are still planning short-term trips rather than looking too far into the future. Globally, the share of searches in the zero to 90 day window increased by more than 5 percent, while the 61 to 90 day window saw the largest quarter-on-quarter growth at 15 percent.

It’s worth noting that the reluctance to plan long-term travel can also be attributed to travelers waiting to see if fuel prices drop, which would also lower flight prices.

Long-haul destinations are making a comeback

Big cities and beaches remained popular travel destinations during Q2 2022, with London and Paris making a strong showing. London took third place in the list of the top 10 global destinations booked and was one of the top 10 destinations in all regions. Paris appeared at number 7 and was on the list of top 10 destinations booked by travelers from Asia-Pacific (APAC); Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA); and Latin American (LATAM) regions.

Globally, however, the biggest second-quarter growth was seen in North American cities such as Chicago, Las Vegas and San Diego. Meanwhile, Bangkok, Seoul and London all saw double-digit second-quarter growth among APAC travelers. The second quarter also saw over 100 percent year-over-year growth in passenger demand for flights from the US to Europe, with London, Paris and Rome posting the strongest showings.

Search windows may be short, but demand for long-haul flights (flights of four hours or more) is increasing. People traveling further is an important trend of the second quarter, given that there was a more than 50 percent year-on-year increase in global passenger demand for long-haul flights.

Travel demand remains strong despite rising costs

The second quarter of 2022 continued the momentum from the first quarter with strong growth, including the highest bookings in Expedia Group history. A comparison with 2021 shows total gross bookings increased by double digits as travel demand improves.

Hotels also had a strong showing in the second quarter, as shown by a change in the percentage of hotel bookings, which saw double-digit gains quarter over quarter. For the vacation rental category, domestic travel continued to drive growth: Australia, France, Brazil and the US all maintained their positions as the most booked destinations in their respective regions.

An increase in longer-haul flights booked, strong demand and fluctuating fuel costs led to a quarter-on-quarter increase in the global average ticket price during the second quarter. Average global ticket price was in double digits in Q2 2022 compared to the same quarter in 2019, led by EMEA and APAC.

Increasing interest in inclusive travel

As the travel industry continues to reinvent itself, there is an opportunity to reimagine a world where differences are celebrated and everyone feels a sense of inclusion in travel accommodations, transportation options, and experiences.

According to Expedia Group Media Solutions’ latest Inclusive Travel Insights Report, 92 percent of consumers think it’s important for travel providers to meet the accessibility needs of all travelers, but that’s easier said than done. Only half of consumers have seen options that are accessible to all abilities when they are searching for and booking a ride. Additionally, a similar number of consumers (52 percent) said they have seen options that include all types of travelers.

Similar to wanting to see a commitment to sustainable tourism, consumers are also paying attention to a travel brand’s commitment to inclusion, diversity and accessibility when making purchasing decisions.

“As travelers plan for future trips, the factors that influence their purchase decisions are evolving,” continued Andre. “It is imperative that destinations and travel brands evaluate their offerings to ensure they match traveler expectations, including being inclusive, accessible, diverse and sustainable. With a deeper understanding of how travelers are thinking about their next trip and their top considerations, travel brands will be better positioned to capture demand.”

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This content was created in collaboration by Expedia Group Media Solutions and Skift brand content studio, SkiftX.

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