The Hoover Zoning Board recommends approval for apartments in the Lake Chace Business District

The Hoover Zoning Board on Monday night recommended that the Hoover City Council approve a mixed-use building in the commercial section of Lake Chace despite concerns from multiple residents and a business owner.

Clint Sukar wants to build a three-story, 26,700-square-foot building on 1 acre at 1869 Chace Drive, right on the edge of Lake Chace’s commercial strip and next to single-family homes.

Originally, his plan was for three office/retail spaces on the ground floor of the building and 12 residential units: two apartments at the rear of the ground floor and five on each of the second and third floors.

But several nearby commercial property owners complained to the Hoover zoning board in August, saying they were concerned there weren’t enough parking spaces in the plans and feared customers and residents would flood onto their property and they would get valuable parking spaces.

They also expressed concern that apartment complex residents would let their dogs loose on nearby business properties.

A month later, Sukar brought a revised plan to the zoning board, eliminating two of the apartments and turning that space into indoor garages for six of the apartments. The revised plan meets the city’s parking requirements, said City Planner Mac Martin.

Sukar also agreed to limit business uses for the 5,000 square feet of commercial space downstairs, barring food or beverage services, such as a restaurant or cafe. The thinking was that food and beverage services would attract more customers and thus more vehicles.

Sukar also agreed to make most of the building’s exterior two-tone brick (except for the glass areas) and use colors similar to the adjacent businesses. Martin said Sukar also submitted plans that show a corner of the property as an area where pets can calm down.

Dr. Todd Howell of Chace Lake Family Dentistry next door still opposed the idea of ​​allowing people to live in the section of Lake Chace originally planned for commercial uses.

Some residents of the single-family portion of Lake Çaçe expressed opposition to the idea of ​​having apartments that could be turned into rental properties, saying covenants for the existing residential portion of Lake Çaçe do not allow residents to rent or to rent their houses to others.

Sukar and his representative, Asma Lusk, were asked if they would be willing to stop renting out the apartments. Lusk said Sukar plans to sell the apartments, but could not yet say whether the rental use would be discontinued.

April Danielson, an attorney representing the city of Hoover, said it is not the city’s place to enforce private covenants.

Trena Reese, president of the Lake Chace Homeowners Association, said she is concerned that residential use on the 1-acre tract will generate more traffic than just the businesses and residents of Lake Chace are already dealing with a lot of traffic. limited between the US. 31 and the lower section of Lorna Street.

Some Lake Chace residents said they wanted to know the asking price for the apartments that are planned. Lusk, who works in real estate, said she couldn’t say for sure yet because of changing market conditions. However, she said these would be high-end two-bedroom apartments with at least 1,420 square feet, and she couldn’t imagine they would sell for less than $375,000.

Some Lake Chace residents said it would actually help their property values.

The zoning board voted to recommend that the City Council approve Sukar’s mixed-use application with several conditions, including that:

  • No food or beverage service will be permitted in the commercial spaces.
  • A sidewalk would need to be installed along Chace Drive.
  • All parking spaces and passageways, including garage spaces, must meet standards and specifications to allow adequate vehicle access and maneuverability.
  • Landfills could not be serviced between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM
  • Development shall be consistent with the appearance of the exhibits presented on the zoning board.
  • The signs will have to be governed by the city’s mixed-use district sign regulations.

The Hoover City Council is scheduled to hold a public hearing and vote on Sukar’s request on Oct. 17.

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