This $23 Travel Makeup Organizer Has Over 26,000 5-Star Amazon Reviews

Here’s what Amazon reviewers are saying about this travel toiletry bag.

“This is the best travel make up bag I’ve ever had, I’m so impressed I’m buying them for gifts. I just got this bag in Europe, it was easy to lock in hotels sometimes and it folds up into a big size, but fittingly. more than I thought, plus a waterproof plastic section for a wet loaf.”

“I’m a frequent business traveler and have burned through countless (cheaper) cosmetic/toiletry bags purchased at places like Target, etc. so I wanted something with better organization, access, and compactness. This is it ! Love how it keeps everything in place. Lots of room for boxes/bottles of all sizes, plus skincare and makeup. Hope this lasts for years.”

“I wasn’t sure what this bag would be like, but I decided to give it a try. It’s fantastic. Well made, the zippers are strong and the pockets are perfect for everything. Plus, the compartments are great for all sizes and different types of products, which allows you to segment all these “things” as needed or use them. For example – eye makeup section, facial cleansing products, various cosmetics and more . Definitely recommend this product!”

“This toiletry bag is better than expected. It’s very durable and has plenty of room for all my products. While I haven’t traveled with it, it was purchased as a space saver since my boyfriend moved, and it’s definitely perfect for my needs there. It’s great quality, and really cute too. I also really like the straps that keep my products straight and in place. I would definitely recommend this item!”

“I want this will be buying another one.”

“This is a good quality bag. It’s well laid out and I can see everything at a glance. I can definitely carry everything around in a canvas bag where I can’t find anything.”

“This bag really holds bottles of all shapes and sizes. I ordered true color and true deep itasca. I had it so loaded with creams that I was afraid it would close….surprised it did! !!!”

“Great case for anyone who travels a lot and likes to categorize products. I love the attached hook too, it’s really handy – no need to take up counter space with this bag as you can hang it on the door, handle or hook. The bag seems very durable, I don’t see it tearing or breaking anytime soon. The chains are good quality. I got the MEDIUM size bag and I think it’s perfect for a weekend trip or long vacation. Fits size shampoo bottles full/conditioner, toothbrush and toothpaste, everything. The whole bag fits perfectly in my backpack or closet without taking up too much space. The big one is unnecessary for one person – but if you’re packing for two or a family, it would make sense. If you’re wanting this product for everyday use or your purse, I’d recommend the small size.”

“I use a lot of products every day for my skin and hair because I like to layer products. As you can imagine, I have a lot of containers and bottles in my little skincare collection. I also travel and I don’t like it all the time and it takes energy to put things into travel bottles and it’s easier for me to carry everything back and forth. That’s why this product was so appealing to me. I’m glad I bought it! It fits everything perfectly. All my items including my SK-II glass bottle arrived perfectly. The caps didn’t even come loose in transit. This also hangs well on the bathroom door hook which saves me a lot counter space. The finish on the outside of the bag is soft and stylish. I bought another one exclusively for cosmetics.”

“I’ve tried organizing my toiletries and makeup using many different options and this is by far the best! To compare, I unpacked my current bag and was amazed at all the extra room this bag still has. I don’t travel with full size bottles but use the travel size containers I was able to put all my shower items in one section, sunscreen in another and used the other 2 sections for skincare, moisturizers, makeup , makeup brushes, eyeshadow palette, etc! When I folded and zipped it up, it was still a slim profile. I’m very happy with this bag. (I bought the large bag)”

“I’ve been traveling with this thing for months and it still looks brand new. My biggest concern when I bought it was that the structure would get flimsy over time or it wouldn’t fit so many items. Trust me – I have big, big bottles I take with me on the plane and it can look so much like a clown car. Texture wise, sometimes I come back from trips and I’m too lazy to get things out because I have another trip in 2 weeks. So I just leave it hanging in the bathroom which holds up amazingly well. I also love that the hanger on the top swivels because when you go to hotels you’d be surprised how creative you can get when you can’t. find a proper hook.”

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