Walmart uses innovative onboard technology to go the extra mile for drivers

For most retailers, supply chain innovation can feel like building an airplane while flying it. Walmart recognizes that pilots—or in this case, our private fleet drivers—are critical to our success. That’s why we’re committed to improving their experience. Not only do we offer industry-leading benefits, compensation and development programs, but we’ve implemented two technology tools that work together to create a world-class driver experience and provide real-time visibility into the day-to-day operations of our network with more than 12,000 drivers.

In collaboration with Platform Science, a leader in telematics infrastructure and transportation technology, each Walmart Private Fleet cab is now equipped with an intuitive, interactive tablet device that fully integrates with NTransit, a driver workflow application developed from Walmart’s product and technology teams. This customized on-board computer system offers private fleet managers a world-class technology experience, business with real-time visibility and our customers what they want, where and when they want.

Both Walmart and Platform Science are leading the industry in supply chain innovation and automation

Walmart has a rich history of transformation. Our cutting-edge approach uses technology to transform the lives of drivers by eliminating friction and unlocking their potential. Using the Science Platform telematics infrastructure solution to deploy our NTransit application, we provide drivers:

  • Better visibility: Knowing what we own and where we own it, in real time, is our mission. The integration provides near real-time visibility of where our assets are within the fleet to ensure goods arrive on time and in the right location. Stores can predict cargo arrival times and effectively plan their days and work around truck deliveries. Additionally, Walmart customers will benefit from this increased visibility and efficiency. They will see our stocked shelves in store and have access to a more accurate inventory of products available for purchase online.
  • Improved communication: Walmart has one of the largest private fleets in the country. Our onboard technology helps drivers communicate more closely with stores by integrating with store apps, providing a smoother delivery process. As the driver approaches a store, location technology detects the driver’s location, sending push notifications to store associates’ handheld devices, allowing them to schedule a quick pickup and return. We can also set up secure audio messages directly with our drivers to ensure they receive important information while in the field.
  • Productivity and storage: By removing manual touch points, our goal is to create a frictionless workflow so drivers can spend more time driving the truck and less time waiting at fulfillment centers or store deliveries. The Science and NTransit platforms seamlessly integrate to coordinate planning and navigation so drivers can get on the road to their next destination without locking it up. Like any job, unplanned activities sometimes require the driver to do more than drive the truck. Our new system creates accountability by allowing drivers to communicate what they have achieved on the road. That way, they are compensated for any miles and non-driving activities beyond what was originally planned.

Using technology to go the extra mile

Our executives are giving the technology the green light. A point of pride for the Science Platform and Walmart collaboration has been the significant increase in driver satisfaction, reflecting the best-in-class experience we want to offer. We plan to continue to improve and evolve our onboarding systems based on feedback from our executives and our store associates so that our supply chain associates can do their jobs safely, courteously and with pride. Walmart will continue to invest in disruptive technologies to take flight in today’s complex retail environment.

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